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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I know I talk about this game alot in real life, and im sure I have mentioned a few times on this blog but I love World of Warcraft. Infact I love every game I'v ever played by blizzard. The first game I remember playing from blizzard (atleast that I knew was from blizzard, blackthorne and lost vikings were played before this but i didnt know they were blizzard titles) was Warcraft 2. I use to play that game from when i got home from school until it was time for me to goto bed. I would make maps to play, play through the campaign. Even edit the stats of my enemies to try and make a more challenging game. When i heard about starcraft. (warcraft in space as i and many other people called it) it just increased my love for RTS and blizzard in general i pretty much stopped playing warcraft2 and turned my attention to starcraft. I wasn't the best player out there, but I feel i was the best amoung my friends. After I felt i beat all the game could through at me i started to increase the number of enemy forces i would fight until it was me against 7 computers and still winning. Now I haven't been hardcore into starcraft for awhile now and when i tried to play it last fall i could only compete against 2-3 computers without losing. I still look back to the game as the game that made me just LOVE RTS'. When blizzard announced Starcraft2 i was, like many others, saying "Finally". With starcraft:ghost canceled (pout) been announced a year or so before i needed to believe that the company wouldn't let the francise die. And im glad they didn't

Anyways I'm off topic now. What this post was suppose to be about is me and maybe some friend(s) helping me make a new machinima world of warcraft movie. Most of the design of the first new episode? is complete I just need to work out some kinks in the script and some format,character design, and a few other things down. It is going to be another music video. But this time with original lyrics not me just taking clips from the game to put to a song i like. I have put in atleast 10-20 hours so far on this and im sure it wont be done for a month or more but I expect a much better product then my first video (which was made almost 3 years ago i believe). You can still find it on youtube, look fur zulma pumpkin head.

Anyways thats all that I have to talk about but I did add a new feature to the blog and im curious if it works. So here is the new weapon i just for my druid in Drak'thul.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


So my student loan didn't give me enough money for my classes. I can't say I was surprised but I was wishing that I wouldn't have to work. I am almost out money so now im looking for work, i got ym resume dropped off at a local car wash, iv applied at the local video stores for work and a near by pet shop. I am now expanding my radius and looking at the mall (ok im not expanding it far :P). I saw that chapters is hiring but i hate having to apply online it seems so impersonal. I've been checking the job sites every day when i get home in hopes of finding a weekend job that will help me pay my bills. heres hoping i find one soon.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

It's been awhile...

But not as long as some.

So what have I been up too? Well since my last update I have gone home atleast twice to spend time with my family which I love. I have got to see my neice on many occasions and it keeps surprising me how much she has grown and every time I talk to her she called me Uncle Aiden. Which I love. I left my job at the grocery store I was working at in the middle of Febuary. Before I did that though I had applied at Compucollege in my home town. I got accepted and am now taking a Human Resources course with payroll. I am enjoying the classes so far. I found out my WPM is 86. However if I push myself i got 122 on one of Mavis' gaming programs, i started to laugh and printed out the picture :P

That's it for today, expect more updates often.

Monday, December 24, 2007


Sorry Busy with the holiday season upon us. Ill be back to updating this tri-weekly(correct word?) sometime this week or next. Take care all and Merry Christmas, or whatever you are celebrating. Also if you are looking to get me gifts, you cant go wrong with gift cards!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Tv Shows

We dont have cable anymore. And thats my Blog about tv shows this week. Also its cold and im tired.


Friday, December 14, 2007

Week ending December 14

Well lets see what has happened to me this week. I was/am fighting a cold. God bless Nyquil. And my joints and back are very sore, im blaming the long shifts iv been having to work to make up for the people we are missing from over night. But other then that im doing fine. I finished my Christmas shopping for the year and all i need to do now is wrap my gifts for my parents brother and niece. I hope they all like what i got them. For myself im expecting some clothing (much needed btw) and maybe a book or two to read. If dont get a book i can always grab a handful for myself in the new year. Nathan recently emailed Jordan and I about the author they found to finish the Wheel of Time series, which im glad they have found, right now im at the point that i dont care how it ends, as long as it ends. I have the same feeling for the Sword of truth series (which incase you didn't know just ended in November with its final book Confessor). Thats all i have i have to report for this week, take care of yourselves and watch the roads, they are slippery.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Halo nurse

So around 6-9 monthes ago Jordan and i started playing a Trilogy. Halo. We had both known about the series but never played and after knowing halo 3 would be coming out this fall we decided to tackle halo 1 and 2 before it launched. I have to admit i never thought id be one of those "Halo" fan boys but after playing the game, (both twice) i have to say i really enjoyed and wanted to play more of it, and unlike fans of the first halo i didn't have to wait long for more story and game play. We played both games over xbox live against real people and after a while i was able to do all right, i think near the end i averaged around 1 death 1 kill then we moved onto the second game. This was quite the change, we got new weapons and saw some of our favorite weapons get changed for better or worse but we played through, and kept on trucking, i have to say im not that much of a fan of the duel wielding but it was a nice open when having 2 needlers. The reason why im writing this post about halo is because saturday night Jordan Stefan and myself played some 3 player online play and it reminded me of how much i loved the game. I hope sometime in the near future we can play it again, Stefan was able to pick up the game quicker then i expected and started to make me look like crap. But we had some fun even though it took awhile at first to get the game going. Halo 3 has some neat new features to it. You are able to edit maps and create movies, we showed Stefan some of the movies (And i could tell he didn't seem to care as much as Jordan and I had about them). So yeah Halo is fun. Play it.